Champawat, Uttarakhand is a very famous tourist destination and was also once the capital of the Chand rulers. Champawat is thus steeped in history, and has enormous religious significance as well. Indian mythology mentions this as the place where Lord Vishnu appeared as ‘Kurmavatar’ (incarnated as a tortoise).

Champawat is a destination that attracts many pilgrims due to the sheer number of temples located in the region which are beautifully constructed and carved, and some of them date back to the time of the Chand rulers.

The Nagnath temple which is dedicated to Kranteshwar Mahadev and  Baleshwar temple in Champawat are a must visit destinations is Champawat. Baleshwar Temple, dedicated to the chief deity Lord Shiva is an important place that you must visit during your trip to the place which has a structure carved entirely out of stone.

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